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    Looking for 4-32mb pci graphics card

    Need a secondary head for my computer. Already have two, but the second is a 1mb stealth. It just can't keep up with my blazing 16mb agp (I know, but I'm a linux user and you know... that's more than powerful enough). Recently purchased a 32mb kyro only to find that kyro runs fine on linux, until you try multi-head... the company's been promising multi-head support in an "upcoming release" for a couple of years now.

    So yeah, anyone know where I can get my hands on an older pci graphics card? A standard chipset would be nice too.

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    I only have an old agp card, rage 128 also with 32mb works perfectly, if you are interested let me know

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    I have

    Hercules Prohpet 32MB (agp)

    Oh you said PCI. Sorry.

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