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    What puts you in a good mood?

    As the subject says, what puts you in a good mood?

    For me, my list would go something like this:

    - Waking up and finding new orders.

    - "Its A Great Day to Be Alive" by Travis Tritt
    I am not a huge country fan, but everytime I hear this song I can't help but be in a good mood.

    - Seeing my girlfriend

    - When things work the first time - Programming especially. Very frustrating when easy things go wrong. But when things just click, it's great.

    This is all I can really think of right now. These are on a day to day basis. Addittionally I am in an absolutely estatic mood when I'm snowboarding. Nothing better. However I don't get to go as much as I'd like anymore.
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    waking up next to my wife
    the first cup of coffee and cig in the morning
    walking outside and hearing the birds sing and dear walking through the field.
    not getting bills in the mail

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    listening to music and relaxing in the morning

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    To quote a Tshirt..

    There is nothing like
    -Mat Sumpter
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    This commerical always makes me smile.

    If I ever made a TV commercial, it'd be like this, except with a datacenter.

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    Listening to music, watching comedy central, seeing my adorable nephews and nieces

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    Looking at my 15-month son smiling back at me ...
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    Nothing screwing up all day.
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    being 14, i have too many problems iwth my sleep, so i never really wake up "happy". never have that really refreshed fealing...
    but seeing my friends is really all I need to get me in a good mood, family never does it for me except my aunt becuase the families full of drama

    so yes

    Jeanne (my aunt) and all my firends.

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    Being sucessful. I have always gone from job to job, living month to month not knowing where things are going. I'd like to be able to settle down and focus on a career, maybe even a business of my own, which I can count on to grow. I want to find work at a job where I enjoy working. And of course, getting married to my wonderful girlfriend will also make me very happy (soon!)

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    Peace of mind.

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    Originally posted by FHDave
    Looking at my 15-month son smiling back at me ...
    Yep, amen!! Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    My girlfriend, anytime anywhere.

    Edit: Not just sex lol
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    Knowing I'm running a business that is growing. Also knowing that today holds a mystery...what that mystery is or if I'll see it is unknown. But life is unpredicatable.

    Music and conversation with good friends puts me in a good mood. And if I ever get a girlfriend again, I'm sure she would put me in a good mood.


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    Re: What puts you in a good mood?

    Originally posted by Jasber
    When things work the first time - Programming especially. Very frustrating when easy things go wrong. But when things just click, it's great.
    Couldn't agree more there. I had one of those moments tonight. Normally I just stand up quickly with my arms straight in the air and go tell someone what I did. Then I get really funny looks.

    A couple other things are listening to drum and bass, being around good friends and cute ladies and waking up knowing that everything I have to do today can be put off until tommorrow. hehe

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    Real Italian Pizza. The white cheese, mozzoralla, and spinach... it makes me happy thinking of real italian pie.
    Kerry Jones

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    I remembered two things.

    Comedy Central, and Mexican Food.

    When I get enough money I'm going to open a Mexican Food comed club.
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    My gurl.. Warm sun... crusing down a road with the windows down, warm air blowing around inside the car.. taking a rude on my quad.. finishing that big PHP project to collect!!! YESSSS! :-)
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