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    Unhappy www. extension doesnt load!?

    I am trying to get the domain name (www) to resolve, unfortunatly using CpanelX the only thing that resolves is (without www).

    Any ideas, hints, tips, tricks, etc.?

    Appreciate it.

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    it should work for both &

    and its not from cpanel its DNS issue just need time to resolve.

    just wait
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    well it still doesnt work, but I fixed it generically by creating a (www) subdomain and using the old index as a php redirect.

    However I have a new problem.. Whenever I try to validate ( I get this error:
    500 Can't connect to (Bad hostname '')

    Please make sure you have entered the URI correctly.

    Now I spent a while verifying my pages, so I know they are. However my main concern beeing would this affect google search pages or hinder my website performance in any way?

    If not, I could care less .


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