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    Question Colocation Hardware/Software Requirements


    I'm looking to colocate a server or servers for an online e-learning application serving around a 4000 students.

    Whilst I'm happy with the e-Learing applications software and hardware requirements (Min 2.4GHz P4, 2GB RAM, 72Gig Raid 5 HDD's, 2Mbs Bandwith) for this level of users, I am at a loss with the other hardware/software/systems that may be required to host this in a colocated facility, such as Firewalls, possible load balancing and backup solutions, remote management, etc..

    I have been quoted for a 'managed' solution:-
    Web Server, 1,000
    OS for Web Server, 650
    2nd Web Server/Backup server with DLT Drive, 1,800
    OS for Backup Server, 1,010
    Veritas NetBackup v9.0, 548.89
    Firewall - Cisco PIX 501, 528.75
    Lan Switch, 500
    Setup Firewall, Servers, Load Balancing, 2,400
    Management of server, Backup, Patching (1 night per month), 10,500/yr
    1/4 Rack in Bradford (England), 957/yr
    Bandwidth 2M (same price for burst over 95th percentile), 2,500/yr
    Total First Year 22,394.64
    3 Year deal Total 50,308.64

    I'n not sure how this offer fairs in the grand scheme of things but I would prefer the flexibilty and control of owning and supporting the hardware/software for the most part ourselves.

    In the first instance I am just looking for some pointer in the right direction to online resources that explain various common options and technologies, setups for this kind of system, basically anything you think would help.

    I have searched with google and through this forum for hours but haven't come accross the information I'm looking for yet.

    Any help is greatfully received. Thanks.

    Paul Lewis
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