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    Link exchange requests


    Template Heaven ( .
    We would like to provide our visitors with webmaster related usefull information and therefore
    besides offering our own products we would like to add some advertising on several pages.

    Our site receives over 5000 unique daily visitors all targeted traffic ,from webdesign agencies
    to home business looking for a site.Many of these are looking for hosting.

    On the hosting section the plan is to give all interested parties a 88/31 pixel button and a short description of their hosting company.
    In return we would like a button ,textlink or other to be displayed on your website.

    Position on this page depends on the amount of traffic we will receive or on what kind of advertising we
    will get in return.

    Let me know if someone is interested or need more information.
    Oh and if there are companies that would be interested in providing the 1 month free hosting to
    our clients we have 3 positions still open for that.

    Thank you,
    Gerrit Bekers
    [email protected]

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    Can I see some stat information? Can we verify the 5000 unique hits?


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    I would be interested in trading links with you. My page is, PR4. I get an average of 5600 unique hits per day.

    I also run another PR 4 site, ( HttpWebs Traffic Exchange ), launched just last month that is already averaging 1000 unique daily hits, and two other PR 3 sites (one web hosting and the other a daily news blog that is linked in my signature ).

    If you would be interested in exchanging links, please let me know.

    John A

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    If you're interested in exchanging with send me a PM

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    Thank you for all your interests , Jeanco i'm sorry but only webmaster related sites can be accepted (hosting, resources, tutorials,traffic,software,...)

    Really need a lot more ppl to exchange links with so keep posting and sending pm's.

    Thank you,
    Gerrit B.

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    I have two PR4 websites, one that isn't ranked yet since it is brand new but it will be PR4 as well and another that is blank that will be a PR4 at the next update.
    Ricky Lipe
    Just Thinking About U Because sometimes... you just can't help thinking about them.
    I Forgot 2 Tell You Because there is always at least one thing you forgot to tell them.

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    Avaris I also have a PR5 webdesign site (in my sig)... but where are the links out to other sites on your page?

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    As you know i started this yesterday evening and so far there are many interested but untill now i have not received definitive info to add to the site .
    I hope to receive most of the info later today or tomorrow.

    Jeanco if you want to exchange links with that webdesign site i can add yours in the resources section, pm me if interested.

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    I am interested and my site is PR5 I am looking for PR5+ link exchange too i will send you a email now.

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