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    Hosting Flash Tutorials ** SPANISH ** Starting at $10


    I wanted to let everyone know that Spanish tutorials are available now!

    But first... Included in all demos is YOUR logo!!! There are NO "Powered By..." logos! There is no need for that extra charge!

    See ALL Spanish tutorials here

    ALSO!! cPanel Spanish tutorials will be available by Friday (3-19-04)

    Remember, I also offer voice tutorials! If you are interested, please click here

    And lastly, what most of you want....... a coupon code!!!
    Use the coupon code 5off and save $5 on any order over $20.

    Use the coupon code 10off and save $10 on any order over $50.

    Both of these coupons will expire on April 22, 2004!!

    I also want to say THANK YOU to ALL of my past customers!!!

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    This is a good idea. Any other languages coming out soon?

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    Is there one in particular that you need?

    I will be happy to help who ever needs a language!

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    graham1001 - Great job on these new tutorials. Hats off!

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    Thanks...... I have been working pretty hard on these. MANY sleepless nights! It took many.. many... many translations to get them correct.

    I know that there are ALLOT of Spanish speaking clients out there needed this!

    Thanks for the good words eMax....

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    Any time frame when the x skin voice demos are coming out? Looking forward to buying a set!

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    ALL voice demos will be out by Friday...

    (Shhh... but if you email me I can get you a set today)

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    I just want to give a little praise to Chris! I ordered a set of x skin and fantastico voice demos last night. I have since received the demos and can only say wow. They are very complete the flow right along at the right speed not to slow and not to fast, and the voice that is used is very professional. This will no doubt save our tech support team time with trouble tickets, and is a great added value to our client base.

    Thanks again for quick turn around!

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    Thanks for the kind review! I appreciate it!

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