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    WHTChat'ers' - Accounts Disabled?

    I was just digging through some old threads and I noticed that two pretty big accounts have been disabled (not sure when, but I don't remember seeing anything about them). Just curious as to why Fazel and ub3r's accounts were disabled? Fazel seemed to be a very nice guy, and who can forget ub3r's weird, random and otherwise completely useless posts in the lounge? What'd they do that brought about their bans?
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    You won't find out here.

    You will have to contact each of them and ask.

    Obviously they broke forum rules and 99 times out of a hundred the offending threads are removed.
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    Haven't seen Fazel on AIM for ages - perhaps some members or mods remember what happened?

    Edit: Not trying to be nosey - they just seemed like good people, can't see why they'd be banned.
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    Doubt anyone here will be able to give you much info on what happened to them two, I'm sure they're nice guys, but if their accounts are disabled, probably either they chose to have it closed or maybe broke some rules. Maybe we'll see them back sometime soon when they're back from vacation

    And yes, I agree Fazel is a great guy. Havnt heard from him in a while.
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    I thought Fazel was a she?
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    I never considered that :p...

    I guess we'll never know unless "Fazel" returns.

    I will refrain from using pronouns when speaking about people from now on.
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