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    Hi New to Message Board. Need Advice


    Well this is my first post on this boards so hello everyone.
    A few months ago I registered the domain name planning to create a website on the url and use it. However, I never really had time and it was pushed to the back my things to do until today I received an email from a domain investor firm called Livsnyter. He asked if the domain was for sale and if it was to email him an offer. If anyone can give me some advice on what to do next and how I can pick an amount to propose, etc. that would be great.

    Here is the email:

    Hi there,

    I wrote you 24 hours ago but did not receive a reply. Perhaps, there were some communication problems between our email servers.

    Our company is a domain investor. After doing a keyword search we have found your domain for sale.
    I've decided to contact you direct via email. I've found your email address via WHO IS.

    Is this domain still available for sale? Even if it's not for sale please let me know.

    If it's still available for sale please email us your asking price.

    If you have other good domains for sale feel free to email me the full list with asking prices.

    If I can afford your domain I will contact you. Please don't send us multiple emails if you don't receive a reply from us and keep our email address confidential.
    Just email me your asking price. If I decide to buy I will contact you as soon as possible.

    Kindest regards,

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    I would be wary of doing anything

    You should read that before you do anything.

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    Thanks for the info, well can anyone tell me if my domain name actually is decent or if I was just randomly picked to get scammed?

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    These scammers pull all newly registered domains from the whois servers regardless of quality.

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    IMHO, it's not a bad domain but it's also not a particularly good one either. It has some development potential, for a service that locates unclaimed money, refunds, insurance, rewards etc. but the name alone is nothing to get too excited about.

    As for these types of scams, the next thing that would probably happen if you wrote back with an asking price, is they would request a 'professional appraisal' before they moved forward to purchase your name, and guess what? ....they just happen to know a good service that would do it for only $99.

    You can probably figure out the rest.

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    Yea, the retrieving funds was exactly what it's intended for. I've already located numerous databases which could be tapped to draw information from. I know this is probably not the right forum, so if someone can direct me that would be great, but if anyone would be able to make the website for me, I'd be willing to transfer joint ownership. The domain name really seems to have potential in my mind, and I've already diagramed out what to do, so please feel free to email me [email protected] if you're able and interested.

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    Originally posted by Elefekt
    I would be wary of doing anything

    You should read that before you do anything.
    Good job elefekt for the find!

    I would reply back to them and say.. yes.. it's for sale.. but I need you to give me an appraisal so I know how much to sell it for.. But I need you to provide the appraisals..


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    it happened to me twice from the same person ( scammer ) just after I listed my domain at eBay , and asked for appraisal certificate and suggested two web sites for that
    Then from that on I receive SPAM

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