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    NEW - Reseller Plans from $9.99 start with 20gig Bandwidth

    We're finally getting our feet wet with online orders

    I've been doing hosting for a little over a year with specialty clients, now we're opening the doors to a new website to start online orders. I hope the plans are good deals for you guys, I'll post some specifics

    Entry Plan $9.99/Month
    Resellable Space = 1 Gig
    Resellable Bandwidth = 20 Gig
    Great to try your hand in hosting a few sites!

    Mid-Level Plan $29.99/Month
    Resellable Space = 5 Gig
    Resellable Bandwidth = 75 Gig
    Custom Name Servers

    E-Commerce Plan $49.99/Month
    Resellable Space = 10 Gig
    Resellable Bandwidth = 150 Gig
    Custom Name Servers

    All plans are WHM/CPanel 9.x, inlude CPanel for your customers. for more details about the plans

    Shared accounts are coming soon too. Please no flames, we're new to advertising online, but not new to hosting in general.

    We also offer AIM support, email support, and Toll-Free telephone support.

    Just because it's cheap dosen't mean it sucks!


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    We are adding ScriptA for these accounts soon as well!!
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