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Thread: A few Icons

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    A few Icons

    I made a few icons a while back for a client - but he hasnt been online since we arranged the deal , so he never recieved the icons / and I never recieved the money.

    Ill consider any offer - just hit me up on aim crumpet76ers
    or email me at [email protected]

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    Nice, what are they for? Forums if so which or any?

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    they can be used for anything - in your own personal designs , or to re-sell in templates you create. They come with full rights so its up to you what you do with them.

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    Any hint as to how much $ you are looking for?

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    Very nice indeed. Nice, sleek icons, and as you said they could be used for anything. Good luck .
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    still for sale =).

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    I want a copy also, if that is allowable?

    Will pay $30

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    Im sorry =/ , the icon pack was a one time buy - unique'ness is important =).

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    Originally posted by Gen-T
    Any hint as to how much $ you are looking for?
    Too bad they are sold now. I was just waiting for some type of reply to my earlier question, before I made an offer, but my post was never acknowledged.

    Oh well...... congrats to the buyer and seller both. Nice icons.

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