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    sever4you testing my patience

    I'm currently on the VPS Premium plan at S4Y. I've been with them for half a year now and everything has been great so far... Until, last friday.

    I have had no DNS on all of my domains since Friday morning. What's worse is that this is Monday evening! On Friday I contacted them via support ticket system and they responded very quickly. Support has always been pretty good to me in the past. They handle almost all tickets within the same day. Sometimes with in two hours. They always help out with I encounter problems.

    My response from them on Friday is that they were performing maintenance. One thing that I didn't like about them is that they seem to always peform maintenance without notification beforehand. This was not the first time that has happend.

    So far, this morning I sent in a trouble ticket in response to my last one (on Friday) and there has been no response yet. I sent in a new ticket this afternoon marked urgent, and I'm waiting on that one. 4 days with having all domains down, is completely unforgivable at this point.

    Is anyone here having the same problems with S4Y that's under their VPS plans?

    I meant to write SERVER4you in the topic. EEK...
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    You are not the only one. When I complain, they act like it is only my account affected.

    The control panel reset on me. Then my server keep going down, they said it was maintenance. I couldn't get my e-mail and the mail server would not even work at times. Now I can't get email at all.

    I recently moved by business to another host because thier setup was just too unstable. That was my first taste of vps and I didn't care for it.

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    Thank you very much for pointing me to that topic! I'll respond to that ASAP! Also could you let me know where you've turned to after S4Y?

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    i know what hes talking about.. my dedicated server wasnt affected BUT i was messing around with a couple day trial and on day two or three they sent me an email saying my account was going to be out of service for a couple of hours due to ip changes or whatever

    it didnt matter to me but im really sorry to hear such a bummer dude

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    if support was always good and promopt, what happened suddenly?? Guess some major problem out there!
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