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    Game Control Panel Feature Tips

    Not really sure what forum this is supposed to go in..
    But since it is programming related I'll try here.

    I recently started to code a linux game control panel, mainly due to the fact that most current available panels dont do what I want them to do . The back end of the program ( start/stop/restart ) user login /verification is complete. Can any of you offer some suggestions some features you would recommend I add to this game control panel.
    Currently it will support half-life ( various mods ) unreal 2004 , sof2 and hopefully doom3 when it comes out.

    I already had in mind the following.

    Current status of server.
    Logfile viewer.
    Uploading of Maps Via Web
    Server conf editing via web
    Nightly Backup of server
    Restore from yesterdays backup
    Complete re-install of respected server
    Billing information ( days left how to pay )
    Library of Faq useful hints.

    Thanks for your help
    Dave Nevin
    Gamecyrpt Networks

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    Mod switching and building a rotation of several configs.
    Redirect management (for HL and UT, anyway).
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