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    how to create email accounts like in yahoo


    I dont know if i am in the right forum, but i wanna give it a shot.
    I am trying to make a website where people could register for a email adress. and i need that email to get created automaticaly.

    for exsample the yahoo. u register and u get the email.

    i have the windows 2003 server. and we have it running as a webserver.

    right now i have no info on how to get started on this.
    i dont wanna use other companies to create the mail server for us and i dont wanna host this website on other pc's

    some one please tell me how to generate the email accounts automaticaly. any help would be grately apretiated.

    thank you


    and before i go i wanna say sorry for my spelling mistakes.
    my spelling sucks.

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    man i was told that i could get some help but no help so far.

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    Hi there Vahe,

    You probably need something like Hivemail , Socketmail or @mail.

    All programs create mail accounts automatically.

    HiveMail ->
    Socketmail ->
    @mail ->

    Hope this helps

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    SocketMail the way to go .. check this thread too :

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    I personally like haivemail the most, just my two cents.

  6. I like the atmail interface though.
    Hivemail looks pretty neat too!
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