As a special offer to fill some of our excessive space on a server we are offering the following hosting package exclusively to WHT members.

Windows 2003 Hosting
3GB of Storage
100GB of transfer per month
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Auto-responders
Unlimited Sub-Domains
Scripting: Perl , ASP , ASP.NET , PHP
Database: MySQL

Unlimited Domains! - You can setup as many domains as you want, each domain will share your total usage.

$0.00 Setup
$29.99 per Month.

Why so much for so little?
Our business plan does not revolve around the hosting industry, therefore we can afford to offer inexpensive hosting.

Why Neo 3 Media Inc?
Many people have asked this, the simple answer is that we provide a personal touch. We provide all our clients with a cell phone number of one of our techs to contact if they have a problem. Our servers are fast, reliable and we can provide a service to you at a great price.

To order contact [email protected], all payment will be done through PayPal. Checks or Money Orders are accepted as well.

No Control Panel is used, all changes can be done via emailing us.

If you have questions, please email [email protected].

Offer is valid for 1 month.

Adult hosting is permitted, however all content must follow United States laws. (Example: No Child Pornography)

We have a strict policy against SPAM, if you plan to use our servers for SPAM, do not bother signing up!