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    Setting up BIND DNS with webmin.

    I am trying to setup my home server to do some small scale webhosting. I have setup webmin, Apache2, PHP, Qmail,ProFTP, SSHD, and some other administration software to help with these programs.

    I have also installed BIND DNS. I have been trying to set it up thru Webmin, but dont know very much about BIND at all.

    The reason i wanted to setup BIND is to use WHT(Web hosting Toolkit) from sourceforge. Its free and im not in this to make very much money at all. So if any one could help me out that would be absolutly wonderful.

    Thanks again


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    You might want to read my reply to this thread although I didn't use webmin anymore

    Hope this help you in some senses
    Giam Teck Choon
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