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    transferring cpanel accts between resellers?


    do any of you know a quick fix to transferring cpanel accounts between 2 reseller accounts (ie. no access to transfer accounts function, or backup restore fuction)

    I'm transferring about 10 accounts from one to another, is there a script or something that can help me transfer a account in its entirety?

    Or is it possible that i "download backup" from the cpanel menu, and "restore backup" at the other end? then, will my email addresses and other settings be reset?

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    Hi Daniel:

    You have it right in your second paragraph. Go into each cPanel control panel for each site and generate and download a full backup.

    Then setup each site on the new server.

    Login to the new site's control panel (usually by IP) and then "restore" the backup.

    This will put everything back into order just like it was on the old server.

    As an alternative you might ask your server admin to transfer the sites for you. They can automatically transfer the sites if you provide them the IP, login and password of each site. It is a simple couple of clicks for them in the master WHM control panel.
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    Most of the time the new server admin can do it for you, it doesn't take a whole lot of time, like beachtrader stated.

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    Plus, it is a lot faster if you transfer from server to server because the rate of transfer is almost always faster unless you have a rather internet connection to your computer you are on.
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