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    Question Need hosting advice for mom and pop startup

    I need some advice -

    I am a web developer by trade - I design, code and maintain an an intranet website for my company. My main experience is with ASP.NET and MS SQL Server.

    I have an idea for website that I'd like to create and run as a business for personal use. The website will be a portal type application, and will focus on allowing visitors to store files on the server. So these things are important to me:

    Needs to support ASP.NET
    Needs SQL Server (not mySQL) support
    Needs to offer a lot of storage capacity (I actually like to store files in SQL as opposed to the hard drive when possible, so DB storage space may just as important as HD space)

    Now here is the issue for me. All of my hosting thus far has been on shared plans, very inexpensive, and with very little traffic. Just family web sites and baby photos. Once I start running a business however, I need to know that the site will be up, that bandwidth will be available, and that space will not be an issue.

    Most of the cheap hosting plans limit these things, or promise what they can't deliver. At the same time, I simply can't afford to pay hundreds of dollars a month for a website I haven't even begun to sell accounts to yet.

    What kind of options do I have? Is there a web host that will let me start shared and then "graduate" to a larger plan when my business grows? Or am I woefully unprepared for my own business?

    I have 2 kids in college and a two year old at home, so the extra income would be nice, but I really can't blow my bank account on a business that might fail. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

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    Most good web hosts will let you upgrade gradually and once you get off the ground you could move to VPS or a dedicated

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    Who can you reccomend?

    Who can you reccomend? I am currently with NexPoint because they are cheap, but the service is slow, and site speed and uptime can be erratic sometimes. I was looking at ***********, but after seeing some posts on this site, I won't touch them.

    Hosts like MaximumASP look good, but are way out of my price range.

    I'd love to start off with something like $10 a month, but with friendly options to move up.

    My other question is - lets say that my business takes off faster than I think it will (I can only hope). Will most hosts cut you off (because of bandwidth or diskspace issues) or notify you and give you some time and options to upgrade?

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    The problem you are going to face is that good MS SQL Server space is not cheap, and the cheapest hosts are also going to be poor at running your ASP.NET apps with decent performance. $10/mo is not realistic I feel.

    You could change your development model to PHP/MySQL, or even ASP.NET/MySQL, or increase your budget.

    I'm not sure of the wisdom of storing stuff in a database unnecessarilty: it's against the usual principles of only using the database for stuff that is truly dynamic and will increase your costs and quite likely decrease your site's performance. If stuff is static, it makes sense to keep it as static files.
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