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    Question What does a good Reseller Host Provide?

    Hello Everyone,

    I am trying to improve my products and services to attract folks like yourselves.

    So here is my question: What makes a good reseller host?

    There are some obvious answers that I know - quality hardware and datacenter, good support - 24/7 phone/email, Flexible plans, good pricing, etc.

    But what really makes the grade for you?

    What do you think?


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    Our resellers tend to want quality systems and support.

    Resellers in general tend to look for features, stable servers, and a responsive proactive tech support staff. Then of course, there is price
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    Uptime, fast servers, good support, the list is endless

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    I think resellers look for that uniqueness about a host. The company that doesn't use the off the shelf control panel, that have spent the time developing their own systems and the such as well as providing impeccable service and support.

    Just my 2 peneth.

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    I realize the list is endless - There are always crucial factors to running a business. As much as I would like to be "all things to all people." I need to focus.

    So far we have focused on uptime - We only use IBM Servers (No WhiteBoxes), performance - will always have less than 500 sites on them - most have less than 200, functionality - you can choose between Linux and Windows with dozens of ways to add to the functionality of a site (databases, statistics, shopping carts, etc.) We also have a support line you can actually call.

    To me these are the basics - What key factors can I add?

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    The main factors I consider are 3rd party uptime statistics (Alerta, web site pulse etc), control panel, price, support, private nameservers, features like fantastico, payment options, etc.

    Basically the more flexible the options...the more likely that they will fit someone's needs.
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    In the interest of good discusion I am going to leave this thread open.

    However it will be a much more informative if customers answer these questions and not reseller host telling each other what they think people want and using it as a way to tout their own hosting.

    I urge all all host to be careful what you post about your offerings in the main forums.

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    My customers like the time I spend with them setting up their sites and making sure everything is running smoothly. I've literally spent hours with one person but that one person told someone else and thats how you bring in business.

    When there are 10m other people doing the same thing you have to distinguish yourself as someone who is personable and not just another site on the Internet.
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    Re: What does a good Reseller Host Provide?

    Originally posted by timwilson

    But what really makes the grade for you?
    What I look for in order:

    1) Uptime - consider what data centre they are in, and the server specs, look at uptime stats if available
    2) Performance - Is the box I'm on overloaded?
    3) Support - Quick response time with productive responses.
    4) Price - if the first 3 are there, then you can charge more, but of course I still look for a competitive price.

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    Most of our resellers like being able to have someone to help them learn the business. Anyone can provide a stable service at a good price. It's the training that will make you successful in the end.
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    my customers like....
    low bandwidth (0.25mb)
    low webspace(0.001mb)
    no phpbb support etc etc
    High Price ($45 monthly)
    Hope this helps...and you relize im joking.....Let this be a guide of what not to do.

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    As a reseller, I can say:
    1 - I dont want to have to worry about the server performing as stated it should - that should be up to the reseller's host... so I expect the uptime that is guaranteed and the speed to be acceptable (within reason of course - we all know everything isn't perfect)

    2 - Options such as control panel choices are important - and to be scaleable if needed is important as well

    3 - Knowlegable / prompt support staff - If we have a problem, the 'root' user should be able to troubleshoot and correct most common issues, or at a minimum outsource it to someone with these capabilities, not make excuses or delay responding to support requests due to ignorance of sort.

    4 - Stable (if not the latest stable) versions of scripts / software installed on the server. (OS, cPanel, Plesk, php, perl, db's, ect)

    5 - Price will come into play, but it is not the main focus - if the service (stated above) is quality then i am willing to pay higher than average.

    6 - Detailed information on the host easily available on the main web site with some sort of references of past / existing customers is a big plus - (not forsaking privacy of course)


    Thats my 2 cents....

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    As a reseller here are the things I look for from my host in order of importance.

    1: Support

    2: Support

    3: Support

    4: Support

    When My customers have problems that's beyond my control, I want answers, and I want them NOW!
    Everything else is secondary. My customers are my number 1 priority...period! IMO if you want to be a succesful reseller host this should be your number 1 priority also. Quality web hosting, affordable prices!

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    I've been on both sides, as a reseller and as a reseller supplier, so I have a good idea what clients want.

    They want excellent uptime. If there's a problem with the server, they want to be communicated with. They won't be kept in the dark when a server's down. Communication is the lifeblood between you and your reseller client, and them and their hosting clients. Fast announcements with server issues, and 15 to 30 minute upgrade announcements until the issue is resolved.

    They want to know that you're looking after the server and keeping it patched and secure_as_possible.

    They want friendly features that they can easily sell to their clients. Control panels like Cpanel, with the addition of Fantastico, fulfills this requirement.

    They want tickets answered in a fast time frame.

    They want good value for money, but the smarter resellers realise they can't build a hosting business off a dirt cheap account.

    That's just a few of the major requirements. There are many others, but those are IMO the major ones to nail down, if you are going to supply this marketspace. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    Hmmm a good reseller must give each wht member a free 1 year account. Do you all agree?

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    All the features are important on own place

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    1. Up time is most important. Choose your data center carefully.

    2. E-Mail should never be down, period. If it has to for very short periods of time, then all incoming mail should be backed up and relayed later. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    3. Price vs value. You have to realize that one can get a managed server for as much as $59 a month. Why should they pay you $35 or $45? You must offer value such as best of breed control panels, browser based e-mail, spam software, etc.

    4. Don't limit resellers to ridiculous limits. I have seen companies offering a $40 reseller plan but allow only 5 domains to be created. I can understand that the company does not want to offer unlimited of everything to ensure quality, but if they pay you $8 per domain, what are they going to make in such a competitive market?

    5. If you are offering a reseller plan, it better be a RESELLER plan, and not like an affiliate plan. Do your best to offer anonymity to your resellers.

    6. Good support is important, but not as much if you do all things right to begin with. If you keep your servers up an running and keep delivering on your promise, chances are you won't get many support calls anyway. When you do, they will mostly be noncritical, and resellers won't mind waiting a few hours or even a day to be responded. When you respond, respond with a smile, no matter e-mail or phone. Don't look down on them and think they are stupid. When they are in trouble, do all you can to help them out.

    7. Keep resellers in the loop. Treat them as partners instead of customers. Be honest and open, and never lie to them. Include them in your decisions as much as possible.

    8. When you make a mistake (we all do), admit it, apologize for it, and suggest how you will try to make things better the next time around. If they ask for credit, give it to them if you can.

    Just my 2 cents -- or it 4 cents?

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    Where would one get a fully managed, stable server for $59?

    I'd post my list, but that would be unfair, as it stomps on most idea's posted in this thread.

    I'll post one thing though:
    Be the shepherd, not the sheep.


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    If you are leasing a stable fully managed server for $59 you can bet on a couple of things:

    1) It is a converted Desktop - No Hardware RAID controllers here.
    2) No telephone Support - They are going to make it as difficult as possible to contact them.
    3) Substandard Support - Anyway can supply a server for that cheap - providing good quality support is difficult - especially at that price.
    4) Fully Managed?? Not my experience - look at the fine print and discover what that really means.

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    I think I saw an ad for ValueWeb on WHT for $59. But I am sure that you understand that the point was not $59. The point was to offer value to your resellers.

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    Originally posted by mharoon
    I think I saw an ad for ValueWeb on WHT for $59. But I am sure that you understand that the point was not $59. The point was to offer value to your resellers.
    Not really.

    I am VERY sure that if a stable provider can offer a fully managed server for $59, then it is certainly worth pointing out, especially as it ties in with one of your first points.

    The company you refer to, ValueWeb, charge an extra $60 pm, for support and monitoring, so I'm quite sure they don't offer a fully managed environment with that $59 server.

    Value is seen in many forms. One of my points that I withheld, would have been contradictory to your point;

    Value, is very rarely (in this industry) structured around price. Sure, if you pay $10 for a reseller account, you're probably going to be looking for a replacement soon. However, putting value as a mere monetary figure, simply cannot be done, in a just, and fair scenario. So the comparison to a fully-loaded reseller account with a full suite of support/AV options, to an unmanged $60 server, is just not viable

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    I agree completely. Excuse my terse reaction. I try to offer the best hardware-datacenter-support possible for a good price. There is always someone cheaper - because it is easy to offer a very cheap server and go out of business.

    I don't intend to be the cheapest guy out there - However I do spend a great deal of time explaining the difference.

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    Guys, once again, the point was NOT $59!!! I don't care if it's $159, but please try to focus on the point, if you will. I was just trying to explain that you have to offer VALUE for the price you are asking. I am sorry if I was not clear enough to begin with, and all the confusion it caused

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    Originally posted by mharoon
    Guys, once again, the point was NOT $59!!! I don't care if it's $159, but please try to focus on the point, if you will. I was just trying to explain that you have to offer VALUE for the price you are asking. I am sorry if I was not clear enough to begin with, and all the confusion it caused
    No confusion caused.

    It's a discussion, not an arguement.


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    Must have a good web site layout. Which would attract me personally. Also, how they describe themselves.

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