Hello WHT,
I wanted to be the first to let you guys in our newest product - aneVe.ECMS for only $34.99

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A content management system is vital to any and all companies established on the internet. Especially for those who cannot afford to staff a professional web developer 24/7/365 - aneVe.com has created an application to help you run your organization smoothly. aneVe.ECMS allows you to modify and run all aspects of your ecommerce web site from the news and headlines to the products listed on your order form, you have full control! aneVe.ECMS is ideal for web hosting companies looking to offer several packages and the ability to bill via paypal. aneVe.ECMS comes with a contact form, an order form, a news management system, and a control panel to manage it all! You will even get the demo site design free of charge!

User-friendly Admin Control Panel
Order Taking System
PayPal-Ready Payment Acceptance
Contact / Feedback Form
Headline / News Integration & Management
Multiple Users for Administration
PHP / MySQL Driven
Code Snippets for easy integration
Email / Detail Configuration
Extremely easy to implement into your current design
Edit one file to change form and text colors

Admin Panel
Login - demo:demo
Customer Demo

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If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

Thanks for your time!