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    * Cash Needed, Will Work Like A Dog.


    I'm in need of some cash right now to help fund my fund.. (Confusing, ain't it ) of spending 6 weeks in Japan this year.

    I've got a fair amount but every little bit extra would help and I'm more then happy to work for that little bit.

    I can do the following..

    Tech Support (Frontline / Level 1)
    HTML / PHP / MySql e.t.c

    I have an extensive knowledge of Linux Server Administration and have written quite a few bash scripts as well.

    On top of this, I also have a high level of knowledge regarding cPanel, WHM and hosting in general.

    I'm looking to do small quick 30 minute jobs but I'm also open to larger jobs, including entire site designs and backends e.t.c

    Many thanks,

    The One Who Will Never Disclose His Name. =)

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    How much we talkinto go thur my site and fix all the buggs?

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