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    bad exp with new server in ServerMatrix


    There is my history with ServerMatrix. Their made me not nice surprise.

    First, before ordering, I emailed them with ask if I could receive HyperThreading CPU with Super Server 2.8 GHz. Their reply was "YES".

    17 Mar 2004

    I'm filling order. In my order was Hyperthreading CPU request. I'm receiving confirmation email. My credit card is billed.

    20 Mar 2004

    I'm receiving root password and IP. Wrong IP was given to me. I couldn't login in, but I found good one in Orbit.

    After logged in, I'm discovering that 40GB HDD was providier for me. Not 80GB as in their offer. Also CPU is not HT.

    Ticket send. I asked to lose all data and reinstall server at 80GB hardisk, and HT CPU.

    They're sorry me and look into my hardare.

    21 Mar 2004

    They put second 40GB HDD and the same CPU!
    Reason is that HT CPU "will not boot" and also I hadn't it in my order, which is not true!
    About disk their said that ghost to 80GB hdd was unsuccessfull, so they added second 40GB. I didn't want any ghost and data moving! I asked before to delete all my data, because there wasn't any customers yet.

    22 Mar 2004
    Ticket send again. Still waiting for ordered hardware! Ticket is without answer near 12 hours.

    I will post here their solution. I hope help will come quickly.

    PS. My customer ordered the same server, with the same OS and the same order requiments. It was delivered to him in 23h. For me today is 5th day...

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    That is absolutely terrible sysadm! However, if you want to get your server up and running as fast as possible I would recommend that you call them up and make them fix it right away. It sounds like english is not your native language, so maybe someone at WHT could yell at them for sysadm

    Also problems have a history of being fixed shortly after posts here at WHT, so hang in there!
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    Hehe, sure, sorry for my english. It's quiet expensive to call to USA from my country. I hope they will resolve this problem quicky . I'm still patient



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    They said it will be done as soon as possible. Still the same. Any changes. Wait, wait, wait. They updated ticket to READ-ONLY

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    I've just my server as in order . Many, many days of waiting but it is.


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    March 21-22, they had some major server problems at the datacenter because a DDOS attack. So, that might be why they replied slowly then.

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    I think YourHost will answer you soon.

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