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    Whats the weakest?

    What is the weakest server that you are still currently using in your business operations, either to host customers or for backup purposes whatever...

    The weakest server I have is my first server I started out with, a Dual P3 550mhz, 1gb ram, dual 36gb 10,000rpm SCSI's. This box is used for backup storage space and to host a few small freebie sites for some friends of mine.

    Unless you want to count the 500mhz P3, 256mb ram that I use as a testbox here in the office...

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    amd k62-350 for DNS
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    The question is a bit broad, isn't it? Things like local DNS for a small host don't require much of anything to run.

    I think our lowest spec machine is a P3 laptop used mostly as a terminal for switch configuration (for that, a 486 would be just fine). The lowest spec actual 'hosting' machine is a single P3-500 used for offsite backup and secondary MX for a few accounts. The weakest machine in full time use actually serving customer sites would be a dual 1.13 ghz Tualatin.
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    AMD Duron 900MHz with 512MB PC133, a dedicated server that our customer loves so dearly

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    P3 1Ghz, 128MB PC133. Has and continues to be just a testing/backup server.

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    Athlon 1400+ w/9GB Drive from Nocster.
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    Dual PII 333Mhz Dell Poweredge. 768Mb Ram, 2x 18Gb 10000RPM Scsi drives and a DPT RAID controller. It's our mail server. There's always a small load on it, but it's given us more than a year of service with absolutely no problems.
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