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    About legal business and taxes?

    Hi there im running my host biz in Mexico, I know thats is a complete different boat from USA, but I want to ask you, how do you deal with the legal issuis and taxes, and all that?


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    I got advice from my bank, who referred me to a finacial advisor/accountant who took care of things for me. On the legal side of things, my solicitor was a great help - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    Yes, as Sash said, a solicitor can be the greatest of help.

    To get yourself really sorted out with the law and so on, you need to talk with your solicitor, your bank, an account, and so on. Your solicitor can really help you with the sides of the law. He's the one you should be asking "Is this legal?", "Wow, are you sure I can do that?" and so on - when it comes to legal advice, if he says it, it's gold. He'll also help you setup your company properly, and start doing things according to the law in your company.
    Talk to an accountant as well. He will also help you out. With him, he'll help with taxes, finances, talk to you about it all and will really help you - he again is gold. If you get to a good one who also has some experience with international accounting and taxation and so on, he can also advise you on things in other countries if you ever decided to open up shop in another country or he can advise you on that if you plan to get your clients from other countries.

    Unfortunately you cannot by any means go to one person and expect him to help you 100% without fault unless he happens to be everyone you would ever need to see rolled into one. You will most likely need to see more than just a solicitor and accountant, however those two are certainly a good start.

    Hope this helps.

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    Best to get a good lawyer and spring the questions on him/her

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    How do we deal with the issues?

    We obey the law and pay our taxes using lawyers and accountants!

    Generally, just use good judgement and you will get a long way without having to involve other people and when it comes to taxes, pay them on time.

    There is alot of software out there that could help you with your taxes that will both educate you and help you file them.
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