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    How would you rate my site?

    Scale of 1 to 10, and please provide suggestions
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    It is obvious that you hand coded it. While that's ok for a site catering to word-of-mouth clientel in a small community. It doesn't have the slickness to pull off your label of being a "top tier host". If you're going to pursue a wider market, you really need to spiffy it up LOTS.

    I see that you already dabble with CSS. I suggest that you devote yourself into more. I'm currently reading Eric Meyer on CSS: Mastering the Language of Web Design. Here's a good website to visit: .
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    I would rate it a 1, I suggest you get a better design! That will make your site a lot more appealing and you may get more clients.

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    A bit more CSS and some more creative graphics would do your site excellent. Also, pick a color scheme and stick with it. As it sits right now, I feel like it was built by someone young and inexperienced, which as a potential customer is bad because I lose interest in your site the moment it loads. This sounds harsh, but meant to help you out.


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    Yeah, the site is simple, and most of the colors go really well together, but there is one problem, you lack a look. You don't have a logo, any images and other than the little image in the top left corner, and some parts of the content, the site really doesn't say anything about being "Echelon Webhost".

    You had the right idea with simplicity and not cramping things... but you just went to an extreme in those two traits!

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    i have to say i would not look further than the homepage if i even finished looking that over - no style at all... too many great looking sites that attract the general public... (no matter how the service is set up) -
    just being honest - sorry
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    I would rate it a .456
    The design... well there is none.
    You need to hire a designer.
    The site looks like it took a minute to make.
    This is not very professional if you ask me.

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