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    Need Advertising/PR?


    I'm interested in getting good advertising and PR for, it sells ringtones, graphics & java games to mobile users, in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland.

    So Iím interested in advertising on English speaking sites for the above countries, price per a month.

    Also if anyone can give me any idea how if could get a Google PR and get better listening in search engines I would be greatly appreciated, just email me, PM me or reply here.

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    For PR, your link will need to appear on more sites that you do not link back to. Meta tags help, I am personally unsure. Our SEO's would be able to give you better information on how.

    I am interested in advertising our hosting company, do you have a stats screenshot?
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    4 Degrees here is a screenshot of the stats I can understand if your not interested as it's barely got 1,000 unique visitors. I think my topic is deceptive as Iím looking for advertising and increasing my Google PR.

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    Top page text ads
    $30/30 days
    $9/7 days
    Payable through this Marketbanker link.
    Enter WHT for the discounted rates.

    Side Page partner text ads
    $25/30 days
    Payable through PayPal
    Contact me if you're interested in these.

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