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    Proposal for hosting providers

    Hello all,

    First of all please not that I am not trying to sell anything to you.
    I just want to make a business proposal to hosting companies!


    I am the owner of a website (no. 1 in providing osCommerce templated stores or so called osCommerce templates ).


    I plan to set-up a such colaboration with hosting companies so I can offer $5 - $30 in credits on my site for their customers (the ammount depend of the way this ofer is advertised and the medium hosting package the hosting provider has on offer).


    - As long as almost any hosting provider offer the Fantastico package, too (including osCommerce script) I think it is a good idea to point your customers to an osC templates provider.
    - As long as your customers will get a non-neglijable free value I think this will benefit to the hosting provider "reasons to buy" list and will help your customers to make the decission.
    - As long as these days I have under development the new order system for my website I tought it is better to have discussions with interested people before I complete the development.

    Thank you very much for your time and I'll look forward for your interesting replays.

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    I think this could be a very beneficial service, I know we don't have the foggiest idea about how to skin OSCommerce...
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    Your looking to colaborate with companies and offering them only 5$ to 30$ credit on templates that go from 170$ and up on your main page? I would think if you were really trying to colaborate w/ the host you would offer a much greater value - just my opinion.

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    Hello NickRac,

    It is possible to be a missunderstanding here.

    I do NOT offer any money to the hosting company in this certain proposal.

    What I mean is I want to offer $5 - $30 (in credits for my website) to the customers of those companies (marketing mix).

    This is different like the affiliate program style.
    Anyway, I can inform you that I offer 30% to my resellers (which I think is pretty good in the market).
    But, once again, the affiliate program and offer is NOT the subject of this topic.

    I am very sorry is I wasn't very clear from the first place.

    Thank you for your replays ....

    Please fill free to post any suspicions you have.

    Best Regards,

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    So you are offering a credit to any customers that are sent to you from a hosting company?

    For affiliates/resellers you are offering a 30% commission???

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    Yes. Burbman.

    It is like you said your customers: "Sign Up with us and you will get $20 credit for osCommerce Templates, too. Any of our customer get more value with same little price."

    Or whatever you want to tell your customers to convince them to sign-up.

    Yes. I currentlly offer 30% for my reselling partners but I don't have an "open to all" reselling program.

    Anyway, if you are interested please PM me and I'll be happy to have a discussion about that.

    Best Regards,

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    I'm not exactly a math wiz but let me look at this.

    I promote your product for you and you give me nothing and my clients only save $5-$30. Is that correct?

    I become a reseller. I make 30%. Your cheapest template is $188 so I would make $56.40. Is that right?

    So why would I send you free traffic and not make a dime when I can just resell, make some money and still offer my clients a discount?

    Did I miss something?
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    Hello Mgphoto,

    Providing special offers for the customers of a partner company is a very well known practice in the Internet business (at least). Please look at:
    - offering months of hosting for free or discounts for some Internet services;
    - The much commented 1&1 marketing campaign offered for customers some $$ for AdWords and still offer commercial software for free for their customers.

    All there beside their own services.

    ... but out there are tons of examples.

    In business it is a wrong question to ask "why I shoud send you some traffic?".

    I think you should ask yourself if your potential customers will have one more reason to buy from you or not? If this will add some value to your offer or not?

    So, after all you will not "promote my product for me and I give you nothing " BUT "you will have a more valuable offer to present your customers" which should mean more customers for you.

    I appologise if I look like a "business teacher" because it is not in my intention.
    I just try to present the logic of my proposal and to asure you this is a very common way for partnership.

    Also, you asked me why the reselling way isn't better for you? Because it is not an option.

    I already explained in this thread that the reselling is not part of my proposal here because I don't have an "open to all" reselling programm.
    My reselling partners now has a dedicated business for this field.
    I only provided the reselling discount here because I were asked to explain in a previous post.

    I hope my answers are acceptable for you. If not please let me know and I'll be here to hear and learn.

    Best Regards,

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