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    Web Hosting just $20 a year

    Hello folks just dropped in to let you all know that we are selling webspace on out site go to for more information

    If you are intrested in buying web space we are offering 1 package and these are the details below.

    1Gb of webspace
    5Gb of Bandwidth
    Unlimated FTP
    Unlimated MySQL
    Unlimated E-mail accounts
    and much more

    you can get all this for $20 dollars today.

    to order your package today please e-mail [email protected]
    or you can visit
    you will see an image saying BUY NOW on it click on that and send us the money and your account till be up wihin the matter of 2-3 hours you must also have your own domain name aswell change the name servers of your domain name to


    Sales Team.....

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    LOL! it's against the rules to advertise here.

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    Moved to where he 'can' advertise.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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