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Thread: Full Backups

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    Full Backups

    I currently perform a differential backup on a daily basis, and I perform a full backup with system state once a month.

    When performing the monthly backup, rather than backing up absolutely everything (which I imagine would take ages). Do you know of any guidelines that I should follow, in order to backup all necessary, critical files needed for a restore, system files etc, but not to backup the unnecessary files that are not relevant to the restore.

    Thanks in advance

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    Good question. I think this depends alot on what your running on the server. If your running web services, you obviously want to packup your web directories.

    However, as far as backing up IIS configurations, and anything else that would be nice to have... I'd be interested in hearing what some of the windows admins have to say about this as well.


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    An ideal solution will depend of the OS and the type of applications you're running.

    In our case, we backup daily our user's data (web files, databases etc) and config files of the main services.

    I think the most important is to identify all the main services you're running and backup all customized data that is not available in a default install. For example, instead of backup all apache files just keep a copy of the http.conf, and so on.

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    Unix guy here, here is what I backup

    /etc -- server config and users here
    /usr/local/ -- webserver, Databases
    /home -- websites and customer data

    depending if you have a mail server or DNS

    /var/named - nameserver files
    /var/spool/mail -- mail spool file.

    But that is just me

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