In need of some help and advice please..

To achive..
I would like to setup a server(s) to act as nameservers for our hosting network. The nameservers will control around 300 domains and growing.

Current setup..
We have a rack in a london datacentre.
We have 4 servers installed atm. 1x mail server (NT4), 1x sql server (NT4), 1x webserver (w2k3 web), 1x customer server (w2k3 web)
I plan to upgrade all servers to win 2003.
I have a new server waiting to be installed. This will be the nameserver. It currently has a new install of win2003 standard server.
Each server has two external IP's (as well as an internal IP on our local network)

What software do I use to create the nameserver?
Do I use Microsoft DNS Server?
Is there better software that I can use on this windows 2003 server?
How easy to setup zonefiles?
Do I use the one server for ns1 and ns2? Can i do this?
(will use 2 seperate servers in the long run)
I would ideally like a web based panel to control and edit the zonefiles for each domain for each customer.

Any help please?