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    Cpanel multi Domains

    I am newbie for Cpanel, i have used H-sphere on my domains (Sorry for my English... i am from Italy).
    I am looking for a Dedicated server where I need to host several domains in the same account.
    I visited the Cpanel demo but i still do not uderstand How the multi-domain hosting can be done.
    I Have tried the 'addons domain' function, but i do not undesrand if the ftp username and password can be the same for all the domains.
    I want all the domains be accessible with a unique ftp login (as with H-Sphere, where i access the root of all the domains)
    Does anyone have any opinion on it?

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    If you are getting a dedicated server, you would use WHM (Web Host Manager) to administer all of your domains.

    All of these domains would then, in turn, have cPanel access.

    FTP accounts, email addresses, and subdomains would be automatically created when you create the new domain account in WHM.

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    Thanks, i find the question a little more clear now...

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