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    I have some persons interested in these domain names and need a little help determining the value, please help. (ex: Cell Phone Business) (ex: Anything from apartments to vacations) (ex: Anything from apartments to vacations) (Perfect for Marketing "Knows Business") (Great for advertising for other businesses) (Famous civil war city, also where I live)

    Please help.

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    Please PM me if you can or just leave in reply. It doesnt matter how I recieve the information, as long as somebody helps.

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    these look to be somewhat weak terms with very poor extensions, my gut feeling is they are probably not worth anything.

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    agreed... .com will always rule.

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    .com will be the top level domain, however I asked for a value. If you dont know or want to help dont reply. BTW .biz is an affordable way for businesses to utilize key words instead of paying out the butt for dot com's.

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    Seems a lot of frustrated pple out here blast their fury on domains..this is appraisal give the price or dont folks.

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