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    Lost default mp3 support, please help!

    I've finally decided to develop J2EE applications with database back-ends so I can do dynamic stuff, but instead of being microsoft asp based, it's all J2EE servlet/jsp based stuff. So I just converted my sites to a J2EE application and am now hosting my own server using bea weblogic and I have a 512 Mb up/6 Mb down DSL pipe.

    But when I converted my websites, all my mp3 support stopped working. When using an ISP, all I needed to do was upload an mp3 file and do an href to the file and when you clicked it, it would open the default media player or real player and play the file. But now, when you click the mp3 file, it no longer opens a player, and instead, just streams the contents of the mp3 file (binary symbols and all) to the screen--not at all what I had in mind.

    Do you know if there is some kind of html command that I can wrap the mp3 file references so it will just use the default mp3 media player and load the file? When searching around on the internet it seems there is something like Shell() or ShellExecute() that might work, but these commands seem to be Basic oriented and I need something html specific.

    Thanks for your help........

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    I'm not an expert on this, but I believe you're referring to a setting on the end-user's pc and not something you would code in. I could be wrong, however. Maybe you could try playing with your OS file associations, or advanced browser settings?

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