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    Must Sell Exclusive Templates!!!

    Yes, as the topic states, I am in desperate need for cash. Thus, I am resorting to selling some of my templates for unbelievable prices for the sheer quality of the designs. Even if you don't need the design for yourself, you could purchase it and sell it for much, much more. All designs include:
    -Full Rights
    -This design will be exclusive to you!

    Thanks alot for your consideration, and please think about the potential you have with these designs.

    Desing #1: $15.00

    Design #2: $10.00

    E-mail Me at: [email protected] or AIM me at: shaqtravels or PM me if you are interested.

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    Not bad, I saw these on Yax.

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    nice templates. maybe this would interest you:

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    You can also purchase both designs for 25$. Anyone interested?

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