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    Tech Support Position


    We have 1 technical support position open and available.

    Applicants need to posess:

    - Good knowledge of linux
    - Experience with Apache, Bind, MySQL and other common web applications
    - Experience with Cpanel/WHM and how it operates
    - Excellent communication and people skills
    - Excellent troubleshooting skills
    - Good english grammar


    - Making sure customer is satisfied with they're ticket
    - Completely resolving tickets/issues
    - Basic Linux Administration

    This position is on a per-ticket basis. We currently use a system where tickets reponded to within half an hour of its first submission are paid $2.00. Tickets after half an hour are paid $1.25. Tickets that span alot of replies being sent back and forth are paid $2.50 (ie. tickets that are 2 pages long).

    We currently get a minimum of 300 tickets per month up to 600 tickets per month and we will guarantee a monthly rate of $500 US per month in case we get abnormally low levels of tickets. However the base rate will not be factored in if we feel it has been taken advantage of with poor performance or poor respones. 98% of tickets are basic lvl 1 tickets asking for howto or information.

    If you are interested please contact us by pm'ing us or email your resume and a phone number to [email protected].
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    I sent you a sample of some qualifications.

    P.S. I couldn't find your email so if you need my complete resume please email me at: einnar2384 @

    Thank you!


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    I have sent you my resume.

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    Resume Sent

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    Thanks to everyone for submitting resumes. If you are interested in this position please forward your resume as we are still considering.

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