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    Exclamation RAQ 550 Email Relay

    Ive been really bamboozled with this problem for some time now and its hurting my head

    Ive setup a RAQ 550 to authenticate when logging in to the POP so that they can sendmail out. That bit works.

    The problem comes when someone tries to send an email to the account. For eg [email protected] ---> [email protected] the user trying to send to us gets a bounce back saying there is a permanent error with the recepients email server. Now if i try sending mail from [email protected] ---> [email protected] it works?

    I really need help with this one as im getting nowhere myself so if anyone can I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance.

    If you need anymore information just yell!

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    It was needing the domain adding to the email server alias under virtual site settings - > services - > email - > advanced

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