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    Angry IMHOSTED.COM worst company ever! here's my xprience!

    Hey everyone..
    I'm a customer for this cursed company for almost 2 years now.
    at first they were wonderful, fast reply, stable servers.
    although ive brought to them 5 more customers (my own customers) i got nothing as a little "token of gratitude" on the contrary.. my plan wasnt even updated as their plan got bigger.

    but this is not what im ranting about..
    about 2 months ago, sites began to crash, no day have passed without one of the sites hosted there crashing and offline..
    mysql errors occured all the time.. the average time of response was between 6 hours to 2 days (some eveb werent being responded).
    not only my personal had problems but all other 4 as well, and i faced problems with my own customers.
    one day, ive decided to cancel my main account and transfer to another host in my country. i sent a cancellation request that no one answered, twice.
    2 more messages were sent thru email & their support tickets.
    only the fifth one got a reply saying that "per my request they are terminating the account" no account name no details (no proof to be a little cynic).
    the other sites were moved as well. except one, which is a big complicated site that my dad is using for his work.
    for some "STRANGE" reason, although i got termination emails all over, everyone still got charged for their IMHOTED account. so, we paid twice this month.
    and today, was the worst thing ever, for no reason they deactivated my dads account, no warning, no nothing, i checked with accounting at my dad's company, they paid this month in full.
    again, 4 tickets got no response and the site is still de-activated.
    all of my dad's company is without email/website.
    and i get all the shouting, and anger from their side.
    ive already made the dns changes, but it will take a while and in the meantime, all i can do is warn other people of this CURSED DAMN COMPANY THAT MADE MY LIFE AS HELL TODAY.
    99.96% uptime MY ***!
    (sorry for the bad lang. im just so furious now)
    ive never got the "money back gurantee" to work, even when my site was 4 days offline. so dont bother with it.

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    im sorry to hear about your problems with imhosted. Doing a search on these forums brings up a ton of similar threads.

    Good luck with your new host... theyre not all the same thankfully.
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    Thank for the warning eternity575. Good luck with your new host!

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