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    Is there a free domain market?

    I have noticed that we discuss the same companies over and over again here. May be, we could give other companies a chance to exist?

    The people on this forum are not independent. They are not just customers or specialists. They are actually sell you their service.

    Is it possible to run independent panel of domain consumers?

    In particular, I have noticed that 99.9% of visitors here are enom and godaddy resellers.

    I am interested in a consumer only forum, is there such a thing in the Internet? Give me a link. Thank you.

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    there is many domain specific forums like, but also resellers have the biggest chunk of the users.

    end users doesn't really target such forums and try to keep up-to-date IMO
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    Thanks, Bashar. I will check them out.

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    There goes the neighborhood.

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    the web
    Most people with reasonable amounts of domains are going to be using reseller accounts I would say.

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