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    FTP with Fedora Cpanel

    Any idea why I cant ftp or sftp to the server with user root and password?

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    Usually 'root' is in /etc/ftpusers (which prevents it from logging in) because ftping with root is generally not a good practice. (Your password is sent in plain text, you would have full read write access to the full filesystem). Some ftp servers also have a seperate setting to allow root logins. I would HIGHLY recommend you find an alternative instead of trying to ftp with root. I would normally transfer files with to a user account then su to root to manipulate them as necessary.

    As for sftping, if you can ssh in as root then you should be able to sftp with root.

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    I cant sftp as root but I can ssh as root

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    Is sftp commented out of /etc/sshd/sshd_config?

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