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    * What happens when you listen to Sonic Freedom? Billy Sheehan says...

    Hi. This is the pre-release for Sonic Freedom.

    Does anyone have some good info on simple streaming
    audio? I want to maximize quality yet make it possible
    for dial-up users to stream.

    Right now the streaming I have really favors broadband users.

    And yes what does world renown Billy Sheehan have to say?
    *Free* rare pre-release mp3s

    Go see and listen...(link is in my signature)
    Sonic Freedom

    Tim Mainka Sonic Freedom

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    Ok, I now have some Real Audio for dial-up users,
    streaming at 32kbps or for short samples even 44kbps.

    Does anyone know any secrets of how to maximize quality
    for dial-up users as broadband users definitely get better
    quality sonic pleasure?

    Thanks, Tim Mainka Sonic Freedom

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    New look with much more music...take a peek or listen

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