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    Need Work (Professional Templates and Graphic Design)


    I am currently seeking work as I am in need of some money. I can complete various template and graphic design projects quickly and profressionally.

    There are six templates for sale at 30% off OBO at the following address: All are original and have not been sold before.

    If you would like a custom template, please contact me. You can view a temporary portfolio at

    I also would not mind doing small graphic design projects.
    Please contact me!

    Thank you all for your time,
    Viraj Sanghvi

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    san juan capistrano, ca,
    can you do Icon design? Or vector illustrations?
    CEO Pixabit, Inc.

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    I just thought I would mention that Viraj has done numerous works for me in the past, from my first logo to my up and coming new website. He has done an excellent job each time and is extremely dependable.

    I highly recommend his work.

    Ryan Porter, Owner
    Extreme Internet Solutions
    Quality Hosting Solutions -- Affordable Prices
    Providing Fabulous Hosting and Unreal Web Design! Excellence is our focus.

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    Thanks for your comments...

    If anyone needs anything completed, I have plenty of openings... Thanks again for taking the time to read this...

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    Very clean and appealing templates. What kind of prices are you asking for these?

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    Hello, I am open to all offers for the templates. Thanks for your interest.

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