Currently looking for employment, remote/local. I have heavy experience with Linux and Cpanel software. Excellant customer and troubleshooting skills and work well with others. I have experience with ventures online, ev1/rackshack, theplanet, servermatrix, ezzi, dedicated now, gnax. Experienced with many merchant and client systems such as Paysystems, 2checkout, Modern Bill, Paypal, WebHost Pilot, PerlBill. I have general exposure to Ensim, Cobalt, DirectAdmin, Plesk, Solaris, FreeBSD systems.

My current job is at 100megswebhosting.com as a Senoir Tech and Manager. You may contact my current employer as a reference if you wish (Reuben Regier) [email protected] (FYI: I'm only looking for extra work, not leaving my current employer)

Currently looking for no less then 20 hours a week no more then 45, Mon-Friday, stable, steady work. Hourly wage or based salary, payable by paypal or check through mail.

Contact Info
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Phone: 636-578-7788
MSN: [email protected]


P.S. Please do not call my line privatly or anonymously, I do not answer to these sort of calls