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    What about

    Does anybody have input on

    Seems they have good prices just the setup fees are too much. I been login on this board for about two days now have seen most of the offers but some are too expensive and the other are just too good to be true. Does anybody in this board can recommend a company that meet this criteria:

    No Setup Fee
    99.00 Server price
    99.95 or better uptime guarantee
    24 hour phone or automatic processing (optional)

    I'm ready to buy just can't find a one that meet at least the first 3 options...

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    it's good only 20min after i placed order than i got info server but....... if u need direct admin CP then u must wait for 1h like my friend has 1 server with directadmin combined license for 2038 exp so cools

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    prices not ....... my problem . i'm reseller and i got alot of cust

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    It's on a 1 year term though... - Reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting - Friendly Customer Service - DirectAdmin - cPanel - InterWorx

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    They had a few bumps setting up my server (took bout 14 hours ) but other then that i cant complain to much now that its up its working fine.
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