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    Need Hosting Suggestions with good-sized SQL Server 2000 database

    I've hosted with for four years now and overall have been happy with the service. The site is most always up and support is decent as I've opened rough 25 tickets over the past four years and they were all handled ok.

    However, this weekend my site has been down and the reason given was a virus was released this weekend and all windows servers were shut down so it wouldn't spread? No estimated time of restoration and they didn't contact me-- I had to contact then.

    Plus, my site has an active message board but I can only get 25MB for my SQL Server 2000 database on the shared plan. I end up purging messages every seven days and I don't want. I asked for a quote for a bigger database and was told the following:

    Price list:
    $10/setup, $10/month for 25MB
    $10/setup, $20/month for 50MB
    $10/setup, $40/month for 100MB
    $10/setup, $80/month for 200MB

    Good grief...

    My entire shared plan is $69 a quarter so for a 200MB database I'd be paying more monthly that I pay for my entire hosting plan QUARTERLY.

    That said, I've grown tired of the hassle and the uptime has beome an issue as over the past few months I've noticed my site down numerous times when I just happened to login. Who know about any other times.

    I don't need a tons of disk space. I bet 500MB would be more than enough, but I want a big SQL Server 2000 database for an active message board. I want at least 200MB and more if possible as I'm getting into .NET heavily. I use Visual Studio .NET 2003, Dreamweaver MX, and SQL Server 2000 for my site. Since it a hobby and an avenue to sharpen my programming I need a reliable host-- one that supports small to medium sized web sites with an active message board. I also need to stay in the $70-$80 per quarter price range as this is a hobby with my sports related site. I ain't competing with ESPN. :-)

    I don't need unlimited transfers (I've read here alot today and that's a hot button issue I know) but I also don't want my site shut down if I get an occassional spike or get a huge bill because I went over.

    Any suggestion on hosts to consider would be appreciated! I want someone that has been around awhile and I want to pay monthly initially and will go to quarterly once *I* feel comfortable. I got ripped off once paying annually and will never never ever do it again!

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    Hello marki,

    I strongly suggest you try Host Quote

    Hosts can not reply to you here and getting a host with SQL Server tends to be more difficult, comparatively.

    Wish you luck.

    With regards,
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    Thanks! I'll give it a shot. I don't want to get anyone in trouble-- or get myself busted on my first post. :-)

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