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    Re : "It's the latest version of windows 2003 I don't remember the number."

    I get this reponse from a sales email by a company offering dedicated servers.

    The question was : "Which Windows 2003 Server edition are you offering ?" Since the site description didn't explicitly say if it were the standard or web edition.

    Was it too stupid from my part to ask that ? Or was it too stupid from its side to answer that ?

    I don't want to say the company's name but it starts with "iPower" and ends with "Web" .

    Any additional comment about this company is very welcome.


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    Haa haa haaa.. This is getting dumb.

    I guess if they do not know that then I wouldn't trust them with my account. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    They have only recently started doing a dedicated package, and it seems experiemental at this stage. There is insufficient information on their site about it so I was put off signing up. There isn't even a FAQ...

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