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    Plesk7 FTP&Webhosting Please Help

    Hello I have a Dedicated Server Running on Redhat Version 9.0

    I also have Plesk 7.0.0

    How can i setup FTP And Webhosting on this box?

    This machine consists

    Intel Pentium 3,06 GHz P4
    1 GB RAM
    120 GB HD
    Redhat Version 9.0

    500GIGs Of Bandwidth

    Can someone help me.. Thanks alot

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    plesk 7 is a webhosting software. you can setup webhosting service , ftp server , dns server. for complete guide please refer to you'll find a lot of information about Plesk 7.0.0

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    if u installed Plesk then i dont think that u need to setup FTP or web service cause Plesk provided all

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