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    Looking for Investors! for Wireless Internet Service Provider


    I am CEO of Georgia Network Access Corporation. Currently we sell services out of GNAX Datacenter in Atlanta, GA ( Our new website is under construction. We are looking for an investor for our Wireless Internet Access Service. We will be providing Wireless Internet Access at speeds faster than the current available providers provide (DSL speeds are about 1/10 what we plan to offer and cable is about 1/3 of the speeds we plan to offer). We plan to start out in Southern Forsyth County, GA (Metro Atlanta). Forsyth County was one of the fastest growing counties in America and shows the most hope out of the many cities and states I could have picked to move to. Please email me at [email protected] and we may discuss this more in depth. Our startup costs needed from an investor are estimated to be 15-20 thousand dollars. I am in discussion with several bandwidth providers. The startup cost may even end up being as much as 5-7 thousand dollars less than what we estimate. This county has a high population of upper middle class employees in the technology/IT industries. When I was searching for a home over 50 of the homes I visited the owners knew what broadband was! This is quite amazing compared to other parts of this nation. Atlanta also has one of the largest Fiber Networks in all of the United States!

    Georgia Network Access Corporation
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    what % of ownership are we talking about for such an investment? email me or not post please.

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