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    Would anyone here be interested in buying a pre-developed graphics community...

    comes with.

    - Members
    - CUSTOM style, exclusive rights, ($500 value)
    - Domain

    im lookin for something around $1,500


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    great skin, but your price is a bit high

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    how did you come to the figure of 1500 dollars, is any revenue being generated now. What are the specs of the server/account it is hosted on now bandwidth,server load what software license's come with this site.

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    Vbulletin OWNED liscence,
    good hits, you can set up banner ads all if you please.

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    Originally posted by blindchild02
    Vbulletin OWNED liscence,
    good hits, you can set up banner ads all if you please.
    vb is $160

    what does "good hits" mean, enough hits to warrent $1500? Lets see some stats

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    The links on the site are dead.

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    Whats the reason for selling it?

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    Hmm.. $1500 is way too much for the site, domain has no value and your site doesn't seem to get alot of hits, I would say $400 for the whole thing but I'm not interested in buying.

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    its worth way more than $400. the hard part of starting a forum is done.
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    Come on guys, do you know how hard it is to get a community going of this calibur nowadays? Think before you post!

    I'd say worth excess of $1200

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    Why don't you buy it then

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    Got stats ?

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    I reckon that $1,250 would be a good price.

    I mean it looks neat, and you get a unique skin, and a load of regulars, and i'm sure there are plenty of advertising/money making oppurtunities in there for people.

    Just my 2 cents.
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