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    Need Script Created

    I am lookign to take some bids on creating a script.
    I am wanting either PHP/Mysql based (prefered) but will also consider cgi if it can do everything we need.

    This is for the web site an emergency notification center where we have numberous users that log in and send notifications (Emails) to email address's and pagers. This is subscription based and has multiple categories and settings. The current script that we have is becoming outdated.

    Here are some of the specs that we are looking for:
    Here is the concept design of what we want the new system to do:

    Super Admin Level:
    Change system settings
    add remove normal Admin users (admin users cannot remove admins)
    ability to shut down system to all other users (Maintenance level)

    Admin Level:
    - Create Email Lists
    * Edit Email lists (these are states, and area's)
    * Ability to add sub area's to lists (counties, and districts)
    - search email lists (for subscribers so we can remove or add them)
    (( No Auto confirm needed)) Confirmation page yes.

    - Create and add users
    Abilities on users
    * Suspend Users
    * Limit users to lists, or give all access
    * Remove users
    * Ability to turn moderate user on.
    * List users logged on

    Posting Template
    - Ability to add state/sub categories and area's (lists)
    - Ability to add incidents (Drop down selectable list)
    - Admin can change user on posting template

    - Post system notices
    (on dispatch system for all to see)
    - Email system users, select which ones... to include all as well. (this would not be email lists users)
    - Stats of users
    * including tracking of their IP / and ISP they logged in with
    * Last logged in, and post etc... (how many posts as well)
    - Ability to edit posts for archives

    User Level
    - Post to email lists
    - Select states / Area's that they have access level to
    - drop down incident list
    - Limit characters to 240
    - Same templates that are on current system.

    Post archiving, and ability to view it.
    Users Log in - they can see their own posts and update on
    them. This would send email out again to lists

    CAD style Tracking ( we can bring up all alerts in progress, or past in a certain time frame)

    Update on original post... Lets say next screen after sending alert give update option or to make it final
    to close out the alert.

    List current posts in activity for dispatcher to view

    Subscription System.
    USubscribe by entering email address

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    Looks like I have my programmer. Thanks guys

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