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    Exclamation Should The Planet refund me for a cpanel server being down?

    For 14 hours all my clients on 2 of my servers had this problem:

    WHM returned such a message.
    "Content-type: text/plain X-DES-KEY: generate error Invalid Lisc File"

    Cpanel returned such a message.
    "Invalid License File"

    When i requested a refund from TP so i can credit my clients - they said:

    "It seems as this issue was not our fault. We are not responsible for downtime due to 3rd party issues (i.e. Cpanel). "

    First of all: logic says "you refund your clients - then request a refund from cpanel who faild to serve you their obligations"... Imagine every host can "blame" everything on "not our fault" "its linux's fault not ours" "go complain to Intel who made the processors" etc etc

    Second: when i had spoken on the phone with Greg from NOC he said that this very first cause of the licenses going null was "our IP's not resolving to the cpanel license servers" meaning Greg will need to re license me and another 40+ servers that he said had the same problem, but Greg cant do it since the license server/s at cpanel are DOWN FOR MAITANENCE... and it only went up at 3:11 EST (14 hours after the problem started)

    So even if the cpanel servers being down are not in The Planets control, why did the IP's not/stop resolve in the first place?

    Also if you are about to say "no you do not deserve a refund" think how easy it would be for TP to transform a fatal mistake such as not paying their licenses into a "its-not-us-its-cpanel's-fault" slogan...

    Please tell me your opinions so i can show Jeff Rennis from The Planet Sales Dep. What WHT people have to say...

    Thank you all for your help

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    just wanted to add: for more details about this incident you can see

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    I'm not entirely familiar with your story or their end of it for that matter, however I can say this.

    Invalid License file is not uncommon should a Cpanel update go bad (Automatic updates occur depending upon your settings) and can easily be corrected on your end by logging into SSH and performing a few command lines.

    It's unfortunate it was 14 hours and I would certainly hope that anyone having a problem would have a quicker response. None the less, did you attempt to correct the error at all by chance? I've had nothing but excellent service from ThePlanet and staff and don't feel they would leave you lying in the cold .
    - Tim

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    Dont you have a support admin? Or someone you could have asked. Happened to me earlier but all my sites stayed active and I got it resolved in minutes by searching here on WHT

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