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    Counter-Strike Community for sale is for sale. I just re registered so you get a whole year for the domain. You get the design and anything else you want from the site (hasnt been updated in a while). The site gets a small amount of traffic used to be alot more but i got lazy and didnt update so the site hitta slump it gets about 30-50 hits a day now which easily could be increased with some content. The forum has 48 members and could easily grow to be a big forum. This deal also includes a sponsored counter-strike server from that will last for aslong as they are alive (ive alrdy had it for 4 months) its located in The Planet in dallas tx and gives great pings to users across the country. The server is always packed and is a very fun tool to help the community grow. Its a 16 man server btw. Bidding starts at $150 you could make that back easily with some good advertising and content plz email me if interested at [email protected] and respond to this thread so others can know the current price bidding will end by wednesday the 25

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    Was it's sold yet? If not what's the highest bid you have gotten so far?
    Kirill Smirnov

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